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Though the slinky - TS Juliana
Though the slinky - TS Juliana

Starring: Juliana
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Resolution: 720x480
Format: wmv
Length: 19 min
Size: 140mb

Though the slinky, alluring and thoroughly provocative Juliana speaks a foreign tongue, a dick between a chick's legs speaks many more languages. It says several things easily translated into English, like "fuck me in the ass," "suck my cock" or "roll over like a prison bitch and let me do it." Don't know about you, but one of those three options seems pretty appealing, though we'll keep you guessing as far as our inclinations. Never mind us, though, it's you that we're worried about. If your lips get parched and dry at the sight of Juliana's package, don't bother putting us on your IM buddy list.

Though the slinky - TS Juliana
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19 March 2015