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America's Next Top Tranny 10 (2011)
America's Next Top Tranny 10 (2011)

Starring: Reesa Nol, Carmen Moore, Ariel Everitts
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011
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The shows most famous judge and producer David Hammers is on the prowl again to find out which girls have that extra something that will win them the competition. With Reesa's broad shoulders and tall stature, he's hoping that extra something is a large, throbbing cock. To his shock, he discovers that Reesa's cock was ripped off in a childhood tractor accident. She convinces him that her man-made pussy is every bit as good as a natural one and rockets herself to the top of the list of contenders. After a night of fun at David Hammers' amazing mansion, Reesa Noi stops by to visit with another of the shows producers. He explains to Reesa that the show has many new sponsors this year and that it's important for the contestants to try out their products. Before you know it Reesa is riding big black dildos and stretching her asshole and modeling career to new heights! Also intent on impressing the new sponsors, Latin beauty Ariel Everitts stuffs her asshole and masturbates using an amazing simulated mouth. Then, she meets the Midget Man. After degrading him thoroughly with her juicy cock, she jerks off all over his tiny face. Incredible! Previous winning contestant Carmen Moore returns to the show because she has heard the producers were firing judge Carrie Ann for fucking the models. She's determined to get that judging job and convinces producer David Hammer that she has what it takes to be a great judge - a hot, wet mouth and asshole, and a throbbing rock hard cock.

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30 October 2011 

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