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Tight Ass Tranny Gets Pounded HD
Tight Ass Tranny Gets Pounded HD

Starring: Cassia Carvalho
Categories: Transsexual
Length: 20:50 minutes
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 610mb

Even if you swear you're never going to get tranny tricked, I bet you would be proven wrong if you ran into Cassia Carvalho. This lusty tlady looks like a chick through and through but you would be running into a shocking surprise once you get into bed with her. Her cock is hard and at the ready at all times, even as she looks up at you with that sweet girl next door face. She gives and receives as needed, and it looks like today she's on the receiving end of Guy Tavares dick. Her tight little shemale ass gets all tore up.

Tight Ass Tranny Gets Pounded HD

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31 October 2011