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Why stumble over pronouns - TS Talita
Why stumble over pronouns - TS Talita

Starring: Talita
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Resolution: 720x480
Format: wmv
Length: 19 min
Size: 110mb

Why stumble over pronouns in the she-male world forum, we say. After one glimpse of Talita's shapely legs, it would matter very little to most men if she had candy tucked away between them. The question is would you be the guy playing trick or treat with her? Now begins the ordeal of self-confrontation. Would you just flip her over in bed like a flapjack and fuck her in the ass like any other Brazilian chick of suspect sexual origins, or would you cross the line and dare to do the forbidden? Manly men in your bowling league probably have and never talked about it. And this is why they smoke cigars- to mask the smell of cock on their breath. Bet you never knew that, did ya? For every cigar smoker, there's a cocksucker. For every bowling alley, there's a couple of Talitas waiting for the wink and the hi-sign

Why stumble over pronouns - TS Talita
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17 March 2015