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Transsexual News (2001)
Starring: Cee Cee Millisa Valencia Brianna Louis George Harris Lumber Jack
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2001
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The exclusive torrid story of lust in the lurid domains of TV clubs Transsexual News! Take an erotic trip through the forbidden world of Transsexual lust. Follow a female reporter Brianna who is working for the Transsexual News as she explores as she explores their dark domain. She is assigned to go to their clubs and their homes to meet and interview them but what she finds is a world of lusty passion unlike anything she has seen before. You will get a rare look inside the live sand the minds of some of the hottest Transsexual ever taped.

Transsexual News (2001)

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9 September 2012