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Ladyboy Longlegs (2010)
Ladyboy Longlegs (2010)
Ladyboy Longlegs (2010)

Ladyboy Longlegs (2010)

Starring: Taylor, Yoyo
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2010
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You have heard of Daddy-Long Legs of course. Today we will introduce you to Ladyboy Long Legs; Thailands most lovely "ladies," with never ending legs leading down to big ugly man feet and heading northbound toward their stiff Thai ant-eaters; the type sex tourists from around the world travel to Thailand to worship. Ladyboy Long Legs directed by Ed "Itsy Bitsy" Hunter Taylor is a damn sexy tranny with some super long legs and a firm package. There is little distinguishing this Ladyboy from a real girl, until one pulls down her panties and exposes her shriveled-up elephant trunk. Her tits are large with lactate producing nipples, and as she shakes her trunk around it starts to expand nicely. Allen strokes her ding dong, massages her nuts, swallows her sausage and caresses her long legs, all while man handling his own package. She gnaws on his meat and ball sack too, then jerks away at her own snake as Allen crams her cram hole. Her ass is soft like butter, as Allen overstuffs it with a healthy serving of white Ozzie beef.

Ladyboy Longlegs (2010) Ladyboy Longlegs (2010)

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18 May 2013