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Tranzilla (2010)
Tranzilla (2010)
Tranzilla (2010)

Tranzilla (2010)

Starring: Marcinha Prado Vanessa (o) Avila Jackson Yasmin Duran Esmeralda Dias Bruno Samara Lauys Junior Cariqca
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2010
(2276.9 Mb)

Similar to King Kong and Godzilla, Tranzillas are large, mean, ugly ass wrecking animals. The difference is that these Transsexuals got giant cocks with ultra animalistic tendencies. Warning: Messing with one of these Shemales should be done at your own risk. Marcinha Prado is the Tranzilla cover-girl.

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27 June 2013