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She Male Sundae (2003)
She Male Sundae (2003)She Male Sundae (2003)

She Male Sundae (2003)

Starring: Rick Rogue, Johnny Gitaur, Gina, Lady Lauren, Olivia Love, Aja DeVoure
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2003
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Just imagine: three scoops of ice cream, one rocky road, the second butter pecan, and the third creamy vanilla with pralines, topped with whipped cream on a luscious pair of tits, a cherry, and a big fat cock laying in between. This is what you call a hot rock she- male sundae. The only thing sweeter than whipped cream is a mouthful of cock and nuts on her chin while you get it off in a meat sandwich. The desserts only accentuate the mouth-watering cock that sets juices flowing far beyond extracted fruits. You'll never look at a sundae the same way after having had one of these delightful doses of salivating sweets serve you a mound of almond joy!

She Male Sundae (2003)


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