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Girly Boyz (1995)
Girly Boyz (1995)Girly Boyz (1995)

Girly Boyz (1995)

Starring: Olivia Love Nikki Steel Metti Tigore
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 1995
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Olivia has soft, ripe breasts with sensitive erect nipples. Her ass cheeks are curved into twin mounds which reveal soft blond hairs reflected in the light just before they disappear into her bun's valley. Her long blond hair curls and waves with her own breath escaping from swollen, red lips. Her slender graceful, red tipped fingers delicately caress and strokes her cock into a growing lust as she stares into the mirror. Feel confused?

Girly Boyz (1995)
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18 June 2017