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Wild Queens 47 (2001)
Wild Queens 47 (2001)Wild Queens 47 (2001)

Wild Queens 47 (2001)

Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2001
(1176.9 Mb)

Because they have cocks themselves, these women are experts at the art of pleasing men. Lipstick hussies, batting their eyes and pursing their lips. Opening tender throats, offering top-notch sucking skills. Huge cocks attached to glorious women's thighs, thick with desire. Tight, pink little rectums spread wide and ready for the plundering. Sweet breath as they kiss and caress men who should know better. Make-up smeared with the stains of sperm. A true classic.

Wild Queens 47 (2001)
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11 April 2014