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Transexual Blonds (2004)
Transexual Blonds (2004)Transexual Blonds (2004)

Transexual Blonds (2004)

Starring: Katia Flavia, Antis, Jacqueline Mamu, Druma De Wilson
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2004

These curvy, blond bombshells are a sight to behold...perfect bodies, lovely faces and carved in all the right places. They're nicely stacked up top...and packin' a prize between their thighs; and it's no strap-on nonsense! They're also intuitive when it comes to suckin' dick... and they love super-sized meat up the ass too! If you're game...bend over...she'll oblige!

Transexual Blonds (2004)

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28 September 2015