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Trans Lover 3 (2011)
Starring: Bruna Tavares, Jhonatha Kawa, Thays Schiavinato, San Mendes, Carla Ferraz, Kaike Montany, Carla Novaes, Bruno Stygmata
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011
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If you are seeking a 'She-Male' it would be wise to know that it is a sex industry term. Some transsexual women may feel distrespected if you use that term, especially if your lady isn't for hire. Also, not every transgender is interested in being the fantasy of a girl with something extra! If you are looking for that, say so up front so there is no misunderstanding. Once you have the ground rules down, be prepared for the best lovers in the world! Watch and learn, Welcome to the World of Transsexual Lovers.

Trans Lover 3 (2011)

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3 April 2012 
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