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Full Service Transsexuals (2008)
Full Service Transsexuals (2008)

Starring: Isabella Lobos, Isabelle Feraz, Laisa Lins, Sabrina Kamoei, Taysa Tally
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2009
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Let's have a closer look at that dipstick. Oh my, it's almost completely dry. There's a little at the tip, but that looks like the results of internal combustion. This thing needs a little oil, and it looks like it needs to be placed back down into the crackshaft! What a hot tranny wants, a hot tranny gets and then some. They like to serve up a wet watering hole, a tight body and a hungry mouth! With these services paid in full to their patrons, the only thing that Izabella, Isabelle, Taysa, Sabrina and Laisa Lins ask for is satisfaction, which may take all night.

Full Service Transsexuals (2008)


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29 October 2011